Rug Maker supported Ptolemy Mann at Decorex 2017 whos rugs and Gelims we manufacture. See for more information.

Diago Tapestry


This handmade Chinese tapestry was commissioned by the Ian Schrager Group for their new hotel, The Public, in New York. It is a copy by the famed muralist Diego Rivera, The Man in the Time Machine created in 1934, depicting the state of the world in the 1930’s.


Rug Maker chose four talented and skilled Aubusson weavers to make it which took 10 months. Over 400 silk and wool colours were used with 500 stitches per square inch resulting in over 10 million in the whole tapestry which measured 18’ 11” x 11’5”. 


Rug Maker exhibited at the Sleep Show at the Business design centre in Islington, London. We will be back at this venue 7-9, February 2017 for the Surface Design Show.